All the Margarita... None of the Guilt!

Who doesn’t love a fresh juice Margarita? Not a syrupy, neon green margarita, but a real, fresh juice icy cold Margarita?


What if this fresh juice Margarita had only 100 calories versus 500 calories or more found in a typical restaurant Margarita? You can finally enjoy this frozen concoction and feel no guilt! SlimRitas has arrived!

SlimRitas is made with fresh juice and a combination of all natural zero calorie sweeteners. SlimRitas combines just the right amounts of several natural sweeteners so you will experience no diet aftertaste. SlimRitas never uses citrus flavorings, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.

Enjoy a real Tex Mex margarita with none of the guilt, unhealthy ingredients or excessive calories found in ordinary cocktail mixes.

Ask for SlimRitas at your local restaurant or bar. You can also find SlimRitas at liquor retailers. Use our find us page to locate your closest location!