Our Story

SlimRitas began when Lucy Corona, native Houstonian mom, wanted a great tasting Margarita that didn’t have 500 calories. After sampling every low-calorie mix she could find, she discovered that most of them taste like “drinking bad perfume”. That is when Lucy decided to develop her own great tasting low calorie margarita mix. Thus SlimRitas was born. Finally, there is a fresh juice margarita mix that uses zero calorie natural sweeteners and has no diet after taste.

“As I began researching recipes, I also discovered that margaritas are incredibly popular, not just in Texas” said the founder of SlimRitas. “In fact, I learned that the Margarita is the number one cocktail in America. Nevertheless, at over 500 calories per drink, I can understand why so many people are beginning to avoid margaritas. I could not fathom why there are no low calorie options for America’s favorite cocktail, yet there are multiple options for a light beer.”

ourstory Therefore, Lucy consulted with food scientists from universities across the nation and began developing her low calorie recipe. Eventually, Lucy arrived at the final formulation for SlimRitas. “One of the most exciting compliments came from Executive Sous Chef Neal Cox of the Houstonian. He was an integral part of our meeting with the Houstonian management team for the taste test. When Chef Cox said ‘It tastes exactly as it should …it’s fresh, not too sweet, light and refreshing. It’s good, really good.’ I was elated. This is the opinion of someone incredibly knowledgeable and clearly talented. What an exciting meeting that turned out to be.”

You can now find SlimRitas being served at The Houstonian Hotel and Club, Taco Milagro, Berryhill in the Heights and Brian O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Rice Village. In addition, Richard’s Fine Liquors, Magpie's Gifts and Tony K’s are offering the bottled version of SlimRitas.